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My Action Plan!

My three-point action plan:

1.    Promote geothermal            energy for Havant &         Hayling Island

2.    Seek European Union        funding for new        infrastructure projects        such as cycle paths &        coastal protection in        Hayling & Emsworth        before it’s too late!

3.    Innovate to transform        problems of debt &        dependency in our        neighbourhoods

“I’m offering real action plans to improve our community and create decent jobs. We must empower Havant and Hayling Island with money-saving ideas, like free renewable energy, green cycleways and smart solutions to the causes of crime”

Geothermal Energy:

Low cost renewable, green energy. It attracts incoming investment, boosts business profits in line with local environmental interests. For many families, my green-energy action-plan would eliminate energy poverty and empower business growth, with positive returns for our local and national budget. I will champion affordable geothermal power as Alan Whitehead MP did in Southampton, through public-private collaboration and green energy grants. It’s environmentally friendly, requires no fracking, no injection of toxic chemicals and no re-drilling. Geothermal energy is permanently available from an aquifer (a body of permeable rock) about 1000 metres below Havant.

Infrastructure projects:

It’s not fashionable to speak favourably about the European Union. It doesn’t matter whether you support membership of the EU or not! FACT: there are cash loads of money for a variety of infrastructure projects available through the EU. If we don’t want it others will! Let’s repatriate some of this money before Brexit for the benefit of our community! In addition to my geothermal energy plan, there are other projects that could be realistically achieved, like ambitious cycling routes linked to costal erosion defences in Hayling.  

SPERA: A Labour-Neighbour initiative

We need innovative solutions to the causes of hunger, especially for vulnerable young people.  I’ve been co-ordinating a scientific team to produce a breakthrough treatment for drug detoxification called SPERA - in Latin it means Hope.  It’s based on long-standing research. Later this year I am planning to establish trials within our local neighbourhoods.  This will be focused on offering hope to individuals and families struggling to escape from dependencies including alcohol, heroin, spice, cannabis and cocaine.  These are often the causes of debt, hunger, poor health and social decline.