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Our Brexit negotiation choice

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Our Negotiator choice?


Only Labour’s former Director of Public Prosecutions,

Kier Starmer MP

can deliver a



Keir Starmer on Labour’s BREXIT policy

EU Key Rights and Protections

He presents an ambitious international view for an outward looking country.  Not Tory recklessness, but a negotiation based on strong values and a collaborative vision for jobs, trade, workplace rights and environmental standards.

Boris Johnson talks about reducing whisky tariffs in Sikh temple

Bungling Boris publicly offended his audience with a remark made during an election campaign visit to a Sikh Gurdwara in Bristol.  The foreign secretary promised his audience that a future Conservative government would increase free trade and end tariffs on India's imports of British whisky. But a Sikh woman said it was "absolutely outrageous" for Mr Johnson - whose mother-in-law is Sikh - to try to promote alcohol inside a place of worship. Mr Johnson said "I'm very sorry if you think alcohol is a bad thing, I understand your point of view." Asked later by a BBC reporter if he would apologise for speaking about alcohol in a Sikh Gurdwara, Mr Johnson said: "I was making a very good point that I continue to make."

 Labour’s Plan - For the many not the few - Labour will: