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This site is promoted by Richard Brown on behalf of Dr Giles & Havant Labour Party

Cycle highways

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is targeting 6 billion Euro for cycling between 2014-2020, including construction of 50,000 km of new cycle paths.

Cycle project grants can be obtained from various programmes and agencies. In principle, cycling initiatives are eligible for funding in the policy areas of

transport, energy, environment, health, regional development and tourism.

Why not repatriate some money from Europe before Brexit for the benefit of our community!

There are many local ideas that could be realistically achieved if the next MP works together with patriotic Havant councillors and our European neighbours. For example, we should target sponsorship for an ambitious Hayling-Havant cycle infrastructure.  This could include a full upgrade of the Hayling Billy and construction of a leisure bridge for cyclists.

Such a strategy would have multiple benefits to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, preserve flood-defences and boost green tourism.