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Geothermal Energy

Low cost green energy is the most popular solution amongst local residents to reduce heating costs. It attracts incoming investment & entrepreneurialism, and boosts business profits in line with local environmental interests. For many families, my green-energy action-plan would eliminate energy poverty and empower business growth, with no burden on our national budget. I will champion affordable geothermal power as Alan Whitehead MP did in Southampton, through European green energy grants. This zero-carbon sustainable energy resource is drawn from the hot aquifer located 1000 metres below us. It’s environmentally friendly, requires no fracking, no injection of toxic chemicals and no re-drilling. The only atmospheric discharge is water vapour! Unlike wind and solar energy, geothermal energy is permanently available.  

If we delay reduction of carbon emissions and maintain our dependency on fossil-fuels until other countries reduce emissions (or only reduce our carbon foot-print when economically advantageous) future generations will be blighted by the effects of global warming. Currently, consumer habits in the rich world are three times the sustainable capacity of our planet. Unless we show serious commitment to environmental issues now and legislate to make the necessary changes, developing countries like China will not share the urgency required to keep global warming within controllable limits. My Geothermal action-plan for Havant and Hayling would reduce our carbon footprint by millions of tons.