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"It’s easy to be cynical about politics. My experience is that if you have visionary ideas, strong values & determination - you can make a huge difference to the lives of individuals & their communities"

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Graham became interested in issues of social justice & human rights as teenager. In the early 1980s he visited and supported prisoners of conscience in Romania. During these trips behind the Iron Curtain he gathered news, visited those under house arrest and trained young leaders. In the dying years of Ceausescu’s dictatorship Graham was banned ‘for life’ from entering communist Romania due to his activities with dissidents.  He is passionately committed to international social development issues and the plight of victims.  


Graham Giles worked, researched and taught as a probation officer.  With the collapse of European communism he continued his initiatives in Eastern Europe to restore social justice.  In 1991, he set up a Hampshire based charity "Europe to Europe"(E2E) initially working with severely disabled children.  Graham opened homes for abandoned youth and set up social work training courses.  He founded the Probation Service in Romania with Foreign Office support and led World Bank and United Nations projects to reform prisons and juvenile justice in emerging Eastern European democracies.


Graham has spent many years seeking solutions for the health needs of the many, not just the privileged few.  He launched HIGHWAYS OF HEALTH a tele-medicine Xray project for rural hospitals in Transylvania.  Dr Giles and his scientific team are now developing a revolutionary treatment technology called SPERA to solve the root causes of addictions, stress and pain.  With police and health authorities in Britain, they are collaborating to help our neighbourhoods.


Graham was awarded a “Member of Honour” by the Romanian Former Political Prisoners Association in recognition of his courageous human rights activities inside Romania on behalf of prisoners of conscience before the fall of the Iron Curtain

Graham receiving his MBE for services to disadvantaged children

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Some of the campaigns Graham has been  involved in: