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A People’s Brexit for a

more united Kingdom

“This is a job I’ve spent a lifetime preparing for. No nasty surprises, no U-turns, no broken promises, just a real person working hard for you - when and where it matters most. We’re facing a historic negotiation for the future of Britain. I’m ready to be an unwavering voice of hope for Havant in Westminster. Our pros-perity, freedom, unity and aspirations must not be gambled away. Labour was and is always Tough on Crime, Strong on Defence & Unbeatable on Health. Now we have a strong & patriotic plan to deliver a People’s Brexit.  This election gives a crucial choice to leavers and remainers in Havant - a People’s Brexit with Labour or a Boris-botched Brexit. Let’s make sure we end up richer not poorer; stronger not weaker; not diminished but standing tall in the world with our values, flag and families intact. A People’s Brexit for a more united Kingdom.

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Stop the Tory

Hunger Games!

Haven't got a home in Havant? Haven't got a job in Havant? Haven't got a hand-up in Havant? Then you haven't got a hope in Havant! It's scandalous that hard-working parents rely on food banks to feed their kids. We need a REAL MP who fights for change.

Our Navy is about peace-making, protecting trade, & power to stop wars. I strongly urged the Labour government’s commitment  to build two Aircraft carriers. We  guaranteed world-class technology apprenticeships and the long-term future of Portsmouth.

Geothermal Energy Labour Pledges

Labour Keeps its Navy Promises!

Brexit Law Breaker