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  Theresa May’s Record as Home Secretary

"Weak and Wobbly”

Michael Crick (Channel 4 News)

“Manifesto of Chaos”

Robert Nisbet (Sky News)

Theresa May

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Leader for The FEW NOT THE Many!

Theresa May repeatedly says she’s ‘Strong and Stable’. The truth is quite the reverse! No political party in the UK has changed its manifesto during an election campaign! These questions from top journalists across the political spectrum demonstrate that Theresa’s Tory Party is incapable of providing stable leadership, for the many not the few, in this challenging season of our Nation’s history!

“Manifesto melt-down”

The Dementia Tax

Theresa May slashed police budgets by 25% & cut 20,000 police officers at a time of high security risk from terrorism and rising violent crime. Now she's wobbling now on our commitment to Europol and European arrest warrants.

  Dementia Tax


  Grammer Schools

  Police cuts

  NHS crisis

  Navy Carriers        without aircraft

  Welfare u-turns

  Trump hand-holding

Theresa May is wobbling us back to the 1880s!