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My Pledges

 My Pledges to you:

Make Theresa Furious! Battling for a People’s Brexit. Only Labour’s strong and patriotic plan will leave us richer not poorer!

Education, Education, Education!  Demanding the investment children and young leaders in Havant need to succeed in the world.

Power to the Planet!  Your clean air, clean water and clean energy champion.  Greener is meaner!

Tough on debt, tough on the causes of debt! Standing strong for British workers.  Shaming zero-hours slavery, austerity budgets, corporate tax dodgers and loan sharks

Fight to Make our NHS Great Again! I believe our health service is a national treasure.  It’s only safe in Labour’s care

“People tell me they want to be represented in Parliament by someone who cares less about photo opportunities and more about championing the causes close to them”