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This site is promoted by Richard Brown on behalf of Dr Giles & Havant Labour Party


SPERA means Hope for our community

Graham Giles and his fellow volunteers have been developing a breakthrough treatment for alcohol and drug detoxification. This initiative resulted in his second invitation to breakfast with President Obama last year.  The US Surgeon General wrote recently, “We need an innovative solution to the drug epidemic”.

SPERA stands for Subtle Pulse Electro-biological Recovery Apparatus - in Latin SPERA means Hope. This new technology delivers hope to many from a range of health issues including drug and alcohol dependency. This is an area where the causes of debt, crime and unemployment require effective innovation – not just for the privileged few. Dr Giles has called real solutions to be available to all, not only in expensive clinics for the rich and famous.

The YouTube video shows Graham conducting successful charity projects in Kentucky, USA.  Graham is now collaborating with Hampshire Constabulary and leading health researchers to explore how local neighbourhoods can benefit from the latest solutions.  As Labour leaders have said, we need to be tough on crime - and the causes of crime.  

A LabourNeighbour project, tipping the balance, in the direction of hope.  Supporting the many - not just the few.

The latest SPERA prototype